Truly Fast Acting Edible

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Fun. Fast. Delicious. Cannabis Edibles Like No Other. 

Truly fast acting, hard hitting and delicious. Our cannabis-infused Gelatin Shots and Java Shots harness cutting-edge cannabis science to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that's a perfect addition to any get-together. Weekend brunches, backyard barbecues, spontaneous hangouts—enjoy every moment.

The World’s First and Only Cannabis-Infused Gelatin Shot
We’re always in the mood for food
and Only Cannabis-Infused Gelatin Shot
Consistent and predictable

The World’s First and Only Cannabis-Infused Gelatin Shot

Getting a little tired of the regular lineup of cannabis edibles? We were too. That’s when we had an idea for something different. Something fun. Güd Tymz Cannabis Gelatin Shots are a whole new kind of infused edible. Our individually packaged 10mg shots hit hard and fast, with consistent and predictable effects, and are available in six tasty flavors.

Straight from the farm

Next-Level Infused Java Shots

Your mornings will never be the same again. We partnered with Denver-based Kaladi Coffee Roasters to bring you delicious infused cold brew shots that hit like no other cannabis edible. Güd Tymz Java Shots serve up soft, sweet, medium-bodied coffee straight from the farms of Colombia, with 10mg THC for a real kick in your cup.

Science-powered fun

Revolutionary Science for an Unforgettably Good Time

Science-powered fun is the heart of what we do. By applying proven infusion techniques and harnessing innovative technology, our deeply researched and carefully crafted formulations deliver on every front.

The phrase “fast-acting cannabis edibles” gets thrown around a lot these days. But many edibles that claim to be fast acting don’t live up to their hype. They might be faster acting than old-school edibles—but just because an edible isn’t super slow, doesn’t make it truly fast acting. Güd Tymz are different. When we say our Gelatin Shots and Java Shots are fast acting, we mean it. Our proprietary process created by pioneering biochemist Dr. Audrey Shor produces the highest bioavailability of any cannabis edible on the market today, for a 10- to 20-minute onset time. We’ve taken the guessing game out of edibles, ensuring each and every Güd Tymz shot hits quickly, tastes great and produces the same effects time after time.

No more guessing

A Truly FAST-Acting Edible