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One of the best things about cannabis is the social aspect—sharing the experience with friends. But for a long time, edibles have been plagued by slow onset times and inconsistent, unpredictable, overly long-lived effects that are less than ideal for social gatherings. Who wants to be at a party and be offered an edible that takes 90 minutes or more to kick in and then lasts for hours and hours, long past when you’re ready to go home?

Güd Tymz was born out of our President and Co-Founder Michael Visher’s realization that in order for edibles to work well in most social situations, they needed to kick in quickly and deliver a predictable experience that lasts for a reasonable amount of time. So he set out to create an edible that could do just that.

In 2018, Michael joined forces with biochemist Dr. Audrey Shor to tackle the problems of slow-acting, inconsistently dosed cannabis edibles. Over many months of research and development, they successfully produced a wholly new, water-soluble cannabis formulation capable of powering truly fast-acting cannabis edibles and revolutionizing the edibles market. From there, Michael and Audrey dove head first into developing fun, novel edibles infused with their proprietary solution and designed to work perfectly in most any social setting. Combining pharmaceutical-grade delivery technology with confectionary chemistry, Güd Tymz was born.

With dedicated attention to the highest quality ingredients and the most sophisticated processing techniques, Audrey and Michael launched Güd Tymz Cannabis-Infused Gelatin Shots in 2021 in Denver, Colorado, followed shortly by Güd Tymz Java Shots. Both products are currently available throughout the Colorado market, and will soon be launching in recreational markets nationwide.

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our founders

Our Co-Founders Michael Visher and Dr. Audrey Shor are longtime friends who are serious about their life’s passions. Visher has dedicated himself to mastering a command of knowledge for every aspect of the cannabis industry, and today he carries the secrets to blending the best innovations to shake up current market trends. Dr. Shor is driven by science, blending biochemistry, epidemiology and ecological research studies to pursue new breakthroughs in cannabinoid chemistry.

A kayaking trip with the kids to search for the mermaids of Florida’s Weeki Wachee, a devotion to learning more, and the love of solving mental puzzles led to a spirited discussion of the challenges of cannabinoids on a molecular level. With this conversation, Decarb Factor and later, Güd Tymz, started to take shape.

President and Co-Founder

Michael Visher

Michael Visher is a veteran cannabis industry expert and seasoned entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience building innovative cannabis brands and pushing the industry needle forward through his unique vision and strategic business acumen. A noted marketing and branding expert in the cannabis space since 2009, Visher is a sought-after public speaker and educator for various industry conferences and trade groups.

As President of Güd Tymz parent company Decarb Factor, Visher oversees all operations and has been instrumental in the rollout and production of our signature product, Güd Tymz Cannabis Gelatin Shots. He approaches each day with forward-thinking creativity and a tenacious dedication to bringing innovative, exciting, high-quality products to cannabis consumers.Visher’s many years in the industry give him a deep knowledge of compliance, procedural development and implementation, team leadership and operational planning for a diverse group of cannabis businesses. He has served in roles such as President of the firm US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development; Original Partner and Shareholder in Colorado-based Green Man Cannabis dispensary chain; and President and Founder of Colorado-based Tender Healing Care Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Additionally, he has more than a decade of experience overseeing medical practices.

Visher is a doting father of three amazing girls who keep him very busy running from swim meets to cross-country meets, from cooking classes to language lessons, and from beach days to river kayaking. Married for over 20 years, he and his wife enjoy traveling together, finding off-the-beaten-path adventures and hole-in-the-wall places to eat. Recently, Visher has found a love for frisbee golf and enjoys dragging his youngest daughter out with him on hot summer days. A true 90’s nerd, he loves Star Wars, Marvel comic books and video games.

Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder  

Audrey Shor PhD, MPH

A biochemist with more than 20 years of experience, from molecular oncology to plant biochemistry, Dr. Audrey Shor is passionate about unlocking the mysteries of life on a molecular level. 

Her interest in the natural world runs deep: She is an established interdisciplinary scientist who has studied the signal transduction of cancer cells in drug development efforts, trekked the coastlines to study the impact of climate change on mangrove ecosystems, and has always been intrigued by the science of cannabis.

In her role as Chief Science Officer for Güd Tymz and our parent company Decarb Factor, Dr. Shor spearheaded the research and development of The Factor™, our proprietary cannabis formulation that opened the door to developing our innovative line of cannabis-infused edible products. As a Certified Food Production Manager, Dr. Shor applies her knowledge and creativity from the laboratory and kitchen to Decarb Factor’s research and development into new and novel edible products powered by our unique cannabis solution.

Dr. Shor’s experience spans both the academic and pharmaceutical worlds. She contributes to the development of medical communications for the pharmaceutical industry and spent more than 10 years as a tenured professor. Previously, Dr. Shor has served as Lead Scientific Investigator for the Moffitt Cancer Center’s Community Clinical Oncology Program in Tampa, Florida, as well as Assistant Director of Laboratory Operations for the Diabetes TrialNet Coordinating Center. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology, a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology, and a Doctorate in Medical Sciences.

Dr. Shor is a weekend warrior, running 5Ks through marathons, and occasionally challenges herself with a triathlon. She likes to give back to her community and can sometimes be found on the pool deck officiating swim meets for swim clubs and high school swim teams. When she gets a wild hair, you can find her playing a round or two of disc golf. Dr. Shor also enjoys sharing the joys of staying active, seeking adventure and pursuing your dreams with her kiddos.