Cannabis Gelatin Shots Are Here!

What’s more fun than a cool, refreshing cannabis-infused gelatin shot that tastes great and hits fast?

Our single-serving, 10mg Güd Tymz Cannabis Gelatin Shots are the perfect treat to liven up your day. And our 10-unit Party Pack is a blast for social gatherings. Trust us, Güd Tymz can take any backyard barbeque, game night or birthday party from meh to marvelous as quickly as you can say “shots!”

NOT Another Gummy.
This is Merriment in a Shot

We like infused gummies as much as the next person, but let’s be honest: They’re not exactly memorable or exciting at this point. And not to throw shade, but a lot of gummies fall short on their great-tasting, fast-acting claims—and their effects tend to last way too long and be otherwise inconsistent.

Gummies don’t usually pair well with warmer temperatures, either. Who hasn’t opened a pack of gummies only to find they’ve melted into a gooey mess. It’s not fun trying to measure out the right serving size from a big glob. 

Güd Tymz are an entirely new kind of edible. Our individually-packaged, fast-acting Cannabis Gelatin Shots live up to their hype with six yummy flavors, a rapid onset time of 10-20 minutes, moderate duration of effects and most important: a consistently awesome experience. For maximum enjoyment, simply chill them in your refrigerator or an icy cooler for 15-20 minutes and serve. Your friends will thank you.

Reasons to Love Güd Tymz Cannabis Gelatin Shots


Güd Tymz Cannabis Gelatin Shots have almost no aftertaste and are available in six classic flavors including orange, lime, lemon, raspberry, strawberry and cherry.

Fast Acting

Say goodbye to waiting an hour or more for your edibles to kick into effect. Our Gelatin Shots are truly fast acting, with a 10-20 minute onset time that blows other edibles out of the water.


Our Gelatin Shots are precisely dosed and individually packaged, making for a consistent and repeatable experience shot after shot.


Most people we know don’t have time to dedicate half a day to consuming edibles. But that’s exactly what you need for most edibles, whose effects tend to last for many hours after consumption. Güd Tymz Cannabis Gelatin Shots not only kick in quickly, but their effects last a reasonable length of time—typically around 3 hours total, with peak effects around 1 hour—making them perfectly timed for almost any social gathering.

Shelf Life

Thanks to the function and thermal stability of The Factor™, individually packaged Güd Tymz Cannabis Gelatin Shots stay shelf stable for 12 months at room temperature (68°-74° Fahrenheit). Just remember to pop these babies into a fridge or cooler prior to consumption for maximum enjoyment, and they’ll deliver a perfect consistency with no oil separation.


Infused with a revolutionary proprietary cannabis formula we call The Factor™, our Gelatin Shots have higher bioavailability than other edibles, giving you a stronger experience and a much better bang for your buck with each shot. Since Güd Tymz shots don’t need to be processed through your liver before taking effect, they can deliver a whopping 95-100% of their THC right to your cannabinoid receptors. Compare that with standard edibles, which deliver just 40-60% of their THC (womp womp).

Tips for a Güd Tymz

Maximizing the Güd Tymz Gelatin Shot Experience

Refrigerate or chill Güd Tymz Cannabis Gelatin Shots for at least 15-20 minutes before consuming.

Freeze-thawed gelatin (infused or not) doesn’t maintain a smooth consistency. So try not to let Güd Tymz freeze—but if they do, keep them frozen solid and enjoy them like a popsicle. 

If they are left in the heat, simply chill for at least 30-60 minutes to regain that ideal consistency for consumption.

Prefer to use a spoon? The lid can be folded into a scoop that’s perfect for dishing out the Güds.