The Science Behind Our Game-Changing Cannabis Shots

What makes Güd Tymz products so awesome? 

Beyond the obvious fun factor, Güd Tymz Cannabis Gelatin Shots and Java Shots are infused with a unique water-compatible cannabis formulation created by our Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder Dr. Audrey Shor. We call it The Factor™.

Dr. Shor and her team of biochemists and cannabis experts put in over a year of research to develop this innovative, reliable, next-level cannabis solution. And it was worth it!

Using state-of-the-art technology and proprietary processes, we’ve created a cannabis formulation that enables truly fast-acting edibles with greater cannabinoid bioavailability, consistent dosing and increased product shelf-life. Plus, our products taste great and have virtually no aftertaste. What’s not to love?

Potent effects.
Consistent experience.
Heck yeah.

Most cannabis edibles have to pass through the liver—where the inactive, acidic tetrahydrocannabinol (THCA) is broken down and converted into THC—before taking effect in the body. Between 40-60% of the THC is lost during this process, known as first-pass metabolism. 

Güd Tymz shots, on the other hand, don’t require first-pass metabolism to activate the THC. Our proprietary formulation delivers 95-100% of the THC, providing a stronger and faster onset that hits like no other edible. 

Our cannabis-infused Gelatin Shots are also thermostable, which means they can stand up to high temperatures without the THC inside them degrading or the product quality suffering. That’s not the case with other cannabis edibles, which degrade when exposed to prolonged heat (if you’ve ever left gummies in a hot car, you know what we’re talking about). 


Did you know: Bubbles play a big role in how we make Güd Tymz products. Yep. We’re not talking about fizz or carbonation, though. We’re talking about the bubbles behind our special cannabis solution, The Factor™, created by our parent company Decarb Factor. 

While “decarbing” cannabis is common lingo for adding heat to activate raw cannabis, in the world of chemistry, “decarboxylation” actually means the removal or elimination of a carboxylate group from a molecule. In our process, we remove the CO2 from cannabis concentrate and package the THC into little nanocells; a process that creates tiny bubbles of THC that are more readily absorbed by the body.

This biochemical process speeds up the onset time and allows more THC to be delivered throughout the body after consumption, making for an all-around better experience. And all because of the bubbles!

Want More Cannabis Science?

Still curious about how cannabinoids work in your body? Check out Dr. Shor’s article on the structure, function and variation of cannabinoid receptor 1 here, and her article on the protein structure and function influence of cannabinoid receptor 2 on cannabinoid signaling here. Happy reading.